Meet the new Orum: Human-centric sales through AI-powered innovation

Ting Ting Luo

May 29 2023


Sales is about much more than meeting quotas and signing contracts. It’s a robust and intricate craft that requires drive, camaraderie, and innovation. It’s not just organizations that are seeking to constantly grow and accelerate–it’s salespeople as well.

Technology will always advance, optimizing and refining sales processes but even as we push for deeper enhancements through AI, Orum will always keep the focus on the most essential aspect of the sales process–the people. Sales reps are the athletes of the modern professional landscape. They’re constantly striving for the next goal. The next conversation. The next opportunity. They need a sales platform that does the same.

It’s for these reasons and more that we’re excited to unveil our new brand—one that reflects the discipline, performance, and teamwork that is representative of an elite sales team.

Supercharging your sales success

Sales is about building relationships and trust with prospects but it’s also about team culture. The advancements of Orum’s new brand and platform are built on the parallel importance of connection and camaraderie.

Salespeople are, indeed, athletes, and sales is a team sport. They are high-energy performers who succeed both as individuals and as a group. Our vision for the new Orum is simple—to supercharge your sales teams to do their best work.

Image of the new Orum website on desktop and mobile

The recent updates to our platform bring sales teams together in ways unseen since before the time of hybrid and remote work. They’re designed to optimize your sales process for peak performance, seamless connection, and unrivaled efficiency.

What’s new with Orum?

Our focus and mission to accelerate sales teams to achieve more remain the same. It’s the platform capability and branding that have changed. This is much more than a fresh coat of paint. The colors and tone you’ll see in the new Orum reflect the diverse array of energy that comes with selling. It’s a brand meant to do the same thing our users seek to do–stand out in a crowd. Our updated brand and logo are all about forward movement, teamwork, and innovation.

At Orum, we’re obsessed with what comes next. Remaining stagnant isn’t an option. Sales acceleration and optimization are all we care about. You need to get to your next opportunity, your next connection, and your next sale. The new Orum is designed to get you there.