Sales reps have made 100 million calls on Orum

Adam Sockel

Aug 31 2023


Orum users have surpassed 100 million calls made on the Orum platform. These numbers are exciting but we all know what really matters for sales reps is creating new opportunities. Well, the numbers show that 2023 has seen substantial growth in adding pipeline by using the Orum platform. How substantial? Let's talk about it...

Comparing 2022 to 2023 (year to date) Orum users have experienced 87% more connects with prospects, had 116% more conversations, and booked 168% more meetings. In fact, through August, 2023 stats for connects, conversations, and meetings booked through Orum have already surpassed the metrics for all of 2022 combined!

Not to mention that Orum's AI-powered live conversation platform has saved sales reps more than two million hours of manual work this year alone. That's a 77% growth from 2022!

Is cold calling dead?

More opportunities created than ever before. More time to build out omnichannel and multi-thread campaigns.

More human-centric selling is happening through the partnership of Orum and sales reps who are willing to pick up the phone.

Seems like cold calling is, in fact, not dead. It’s more alive than ever before.