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5 Free Cold Call Objection Talk Tracks

These talk tracks will help you handle the most common cold calling objections with ease. Use these easy-to-apply templates to go into your next call blitz with confidence.


Push through the most common objections

Openers are important. A tight value prop is key. But the reality is: once you get past the first 30-45 seconds, objections are where the call really begins.

What’s critical is that you have a framework to handle any objection, then have some quick talk tracks you can pop-in and practice so it becomes second nature.

So here’s what we’ve got in store today:

1. The Mr. Miyagi Framework: A framework we’ll use to handle ANY objection.

2. Five Cold Call Objections: We’ll handle five common objections using the framework above:

  • No budget
  • Call me in 6 months
  • Send me some information
  • I have it taken care of
  • Not interested

Test out these objection handling templates on Orum with 500 free dials. Redeem here (no cc required).

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