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The fastest way to connect live to customers.

Easy CRM integration

Connect to Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach.

Pull in call tasks, contact details and outreach history.

No SalesOps support needed.

Smart list intelligence

Automatically identify and remove bad numbers from your list. 

Break down your data quality to make better decisions in the future.

High-quality, multi-line dialing without using agents.

In-browser, high-fidelity VOIP dialing.

Call up to 10 lines in parallel.

AI-powered voice transcription, phone tree navigation, and voicemail detection.

Automatically drop voicemails custom to each step.

Accelerate your cadence by automatically completing call tasks.

Details at your fingertips

Full contact detail dashboard

Full contact detail.

Previous email outreach.

Important notes.

Full sync with CRM.

Call completion and history

Easily search/filter for calls by disposition and type.

Listen to calls within Orum to help reps improve.

Enhance culture by sharing your best recordings with new-hires and teammates.

Detailed call analytics

Visualize performance over time.

Full disposition detail - no answer, busy, answered, etc.

Track rep performance: connects, meetings, dials and more.

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