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Why old school cold calling tactics won't work in 2024

Adam Sockel

Jan 11 2024


Recently, Colin Specter, Orum’s VP of Sales, joined Jason Bay of the Outbound Squad and Greg Alexander of ZoomInfo to discuss the state of cold calling in 2024. The discussion, which was viewed by thousands of attendees, centered around the tactics to focus on this year, along with which tactics to abandon.

The conversation was fast-paced and wide-ranging, touching on topics such as:

  • How to avoid getting shut down in the first minute (where 80%+ of cold calls die)
  • What tools should be in your tech stack
  • Strategies to get 80%+ show rates to meetings set from cold calls
  • Effective voicemail strategies to drive open/reply rates to your cold emails
  • How Account Executives can self-source more pipeline through the phone

Success in cold calling is about more than just your opener and objection handling. You need to understand how to build a proper prospect list, when to call, how to provide value with every touchpoint, and more. Every cold call likely won’t directly result in a booked meeting, but you can dramatically increase your success rates with proper planning, strategy, and mindset shifts.

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