Adam Sockel

Omnichannel automation for revenue teams in 2023

Automation is on the top of everyone’s mind in 2023. Individual users have likely become aware of DALL-E and ChatGPT as they have begun to revolutionize the way we create content. From a sales perspective, automation has been well underway for years now. Sales sequencing and email marketing have been automated to drive content to as many prospects as possible.

From the outside looking in, sales reps might look at this and think that automation is going to replace them entirely. The truth is that automation in the sales process is designed to help your sales reps be human at scale.

How automation empowers sales reps and increases revenue pipeline

Terry Husayn, Orum’s VP of Sales Development, joined Gal Gan-El, RightBound’s VP of Customer Success, to discuss the various aspects of the sales process that can and should be automated. In fact, the ability of the rep to fully understand their toolsets, deploy them deeply, and automate their day using the said tech stack will be a greater determination of output compared to their sales skills.

During this discussion, Terry and Gal broke down the various ways that automation helps not just the organization but the sales reps as well.

  • Automation eliminates manual, repetitive tasks leaving more time for selling
  • It minimizes burnout that comes from those manual tasks
  • It gives reps time back to customize their prospect pitches
  • Automatized reporting synthesizes results so managers and reps understand instantly what’s working in real time
  • In short, Automation gives space for reps to further develop sales skills, conversational skills, and focus more on critical thinking/strategy

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