Adam Sockel

Succeeding as a new sales development manager

Recently, Orum Sales Development Manager Nickolas DeSimone was joined by Aaron Zukoski, Global Business Development Manager at Wiz, to discuss a top that continues to be at the core of success for every organization - How to build a sustainable sales team.

This webinar featured a discussion as wide-ranging as the many roles sales development managers and reps take on each and every day. They led the conversation with how sales managers need to always be prospecting, the same way their reps do, and everything that goes into interviewing and hiring new reps.

Topics included:

  • What traits sales reps MUST have in order to succeed
  • Conquering the transition from individual contributor to manager
  • Where first time managers should focus their time and energy
  • Running effective one on one meetings
  • How to commit to the development of both your reps AND yourself

Watch the full webinar here