Adam Sockel

Hot Takes on Cold Calls

Recently, our Bold Calling webinar series continued with a “live listen” event. CEO and Founder of Surf and Sales Scott Leese joined Colin Specter, Orum’s VP of Sales, and Daisy Chung, Orum’s Director of Sales, for an hour of listening in to real Orum cold calls. None of the experts had heard these recorded calls prior and they provided their reactions and tips for success in real time.

The webinar started off quickly, as our experts jumped into the first call. Scott mentioned that the word “new” is a trigger for Scott. When prospects say they aren’t looking for “something new” right now, it opens a door for you as a seller right away. It enables you to go on the offensive about asking questions and turn the call into a fact finding discussion. You can uncover what they’re using, whether they have pain points with those tools, and what success levels they’re hitting with that tool.

Cold calling tips from openers to empathy

Colin, Daisy, and Scott listened to several calls, frequently highlighting important verbiage that reps can identify and react to if they’re truly listening. In addition to these interesting tips, they discussed the following concepts:

  • How to figure out the prospect’s problem through fact finding. Let them admit what problem they have and identify why they should care about it. Until you do this, you can’t solve anything for them.
  • The importance of having fun during a cold call. Sales will always be a challenging business and cold calls are no exception. Scott emphasized the importance of finding joy in the process and tactics to make it happen.
  • How you sell and your tone of voice is more important than the words you open with. It takes practice, but being relaxed and conversational will put prospects in the same mood.
  • How to connect with gatekeepers in a way that turns them into a champion. Often, sales reps think of a gatekeeper as someone to get passed. A dragon to slay before approaching the final boss. Our experts offer great insights into ways gatekeepers can be your best asset if you’re smart.

Watch the full webinar here