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The future of outbound sales

Adam Sockel

Jul 17 2023


Recently, Nick Cegelski, Founder of 30 Minutes to President’s Club, joined Colin Specter, Orum’s VP of Sales, for a forward-looking discussion about the sales landscape. As two leaders who are always on the cutting edge of the industry, it was a great opportunity to watch them do some soothsaying.

If you were to focus your gaze on social media alone, you might assume the future of selling was a science fiction dystopia of robots and generative AI. The truth is, while AI is a powerful tool that should be utilized, the best examples of its implementation are sales organizations that use it to make their selling human-centric.

If you missed the live webinar, check out this on-demand version to hear Nick and Colin discuss topics including:

  • Why calling is the past, present, and future of selling
  • What the future of omnipresent outbound sales looks like
  • How cold calling strategy is adapting in the modern sales world
  • How to always be mindful of the legality of your selling practices
  • Why positivity is future proof