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The SDR Headcount Calculator

We built a SDR headcount calculator that removes all of the guesswork from building out your sales development team. Using this tool, you can project how many SDRs you need to generate sufficient pipeline and hit ARR goals.


Build your SDR dream team.

An accurate SDR hiring forecast is the difference between making your revenue goals or breaking them. We built a headcount calculator that takes the guesswork out of planning, answering key questions like:

  • How many deals do we need to source to hit our ARR goals?
  • How many opportunities do we need to create, factoring in our no-show rate?
  • Given the impact of ramp time on quotas, how many SDRs do we need to hire?

Churn, time spent training, and the manager:SDR ratio all have an impact on how your team delivers on your goals. Our calculator translates the expertise of seasoned SDR leadership into an easy-to-use template that neutralizes any uncertainty you may have had in your headcount forecasting.

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