Adam Sockel

Ditch the gimmicks and steal this tried and true cold calling framework instead

Recently Colin Specter, Orum’s VP of Sales, joined Jason Bay of the Outbound Squad and Megan Huston, Sales Development Manager at ZoomInfo, for a massive webinar about success in cold calling. Over 4,000 people registered to hear these three sales experts break down their tried and true frameworks for prospecting through the phone.

Colin, Jason, and Megan shared their own personal experiences on both ends of cold calls and openly discussed with the comments section many of the hot topics surrounding outbound sales today.

What makes a successful outbound calling session?

Topics the trio discussed were wide-ranging and included:

  • When is the “Golden Time” to make cold calls.
  • “Double tapping” calls and when to leave voicemails.
  • How much prep should a rep be doing before making calls and when should that research be done?
  • The value of scripting your talk track and how to sound authentic during each call.
  • How to build call openers that create comfort for both the prospect and the sales rep.
  • Building out call blocks with consistent value props to drive greater success.
  • The concept of “Feel/Felt/Found” and how to make prospects feel heard and understood

Watch the full webinar here