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Breaking down the 2023 State of Sales Development report

Adam Sockel

Oct 20 2023


Recently, Daisy Chung and Allie Brotherton of Orum joined Jason Bay of the Outbound Squad for a webinar where they broke down the State of Sales Development report. The report is loaded with data about the effort it takes to land meetings, the current workloads of SDRs and AEs, and the tooling and processes organizations are using to build sustainable pipelines.

Jason, Allie, and Daisy went beyond the data, offering expert insights surrounding quota attainment, how to support a sales development team properly, and what the future of outbound sales looks like.

Sales development growth expected in 2024

They also provided context and calls to action connected to some essential data from the report. This included the fact that there is a 73% correlation between SDRs hitting quota and AEs hitting quota and that 66% of respondents in the report are expecting to increase their SDR headcount in the coming year.

Sales development is a far more complex aspect of revenue growth than many people realize, and the conversations during this webinar offer exceptional go-forward plans to assure your team has a successful end of 2023 and a dynamic start to the upcoming new fiscal year.

Watch the full webinar