Build a Strong SDR Team with Orum's Headcount Calculator

Terry Husayn

Mar 28 2022


SDRs drive your pipeline. Bridge Group estimates that the median raw pipeline generated per sales development rep is $3 million. Gartner states that 70% of CSOs are investing in SDRs to generate pipeline growth. Your goals begin and end with your SDR team, so sourcing them accurately is key to hitting ARR faster.

Our sales leadership has hired 446 SDRs across their combined experience — we know how to build a strong SDR team. We pulled together our best advice, industry benchmarks, and personal experience to build a highly accurate headcount calculator that you can use to estimate your SDR needs for the year:

We built a headcount calculator to save you time and money

Inaccurate hiring estimates have a domino effect of negative outcomes for your sales org. Overestimating people needs means you face employee churn and low morale, while underestimating them results in an overworked team with unachievable quotas. Hitting your hiring sweet spot takes a ton of factors into account, from prospect no-show rates to new hire ramp time, SDR-to-manager ratio to ARR goals, and more.

The Orum SDR headcount calculator is an easy-to-customize spreadsheet, accompanied by a list of industry benchmarks to guide your data inputs and the expertise of sales leaders here at Orum. You’ll need only the proprietary sales data you already have on hand. Download the PDF, make a copy of the spreadsheet, and get ready for super-precise hiring estimates.

I already planned my headcount for the year. Can I still use the calculator?

We recommend it! Plugging in your data and benchmarks will give you a sense for how close to accurate your current estimates are. You’ll also want to revisit your hiring plan both quarterly and annually regardless — there are a number of changeable factors, such as shifting revenue goals or product updates, that will affect your needs.

Things to keep in mind

Managers matter. Don’t discount the value of knowing how many managers you’ll need for your expanding SDR team. Overbooked managers result in longer ramp times for SDRs, will result in lower performers, and will impact team morale. 

Today’s SDRs are tomorrow’s account executives. Your SDR team is the talent bench for the rest of your sales org. Seed future team success by developing loyal, knowledgeable, and driven SDRs in the present, empowered to succeed on a balanced team.

A balanced team makes for a happy team. SDRs who aren’t dealing with too-full plates or discouraging team attrition are better positioned to be happier and more productive in their roles — meaning fewer backfills and quota time spent on ramp.

Ready to get started?

Our SDR headcount calculator is free — you just need to download the PDF and make a copy of the spreadsheet. Give it a whirl: