G2 names Orum as a Leading Dialer in their Winter Season

Parker Tinsley

Dec 20 2023


It’s G2’s winter season of awards and we got some big news. We’ve been recognized as a Leader in the Dialer category for the fourth consecutive quarter. This wouldn’t be possible without our community of sales professionals who use Orum every single day, we thank you.

Not sure what G2 is? It’s like the Oscars for software. With over 2.2 million verified user reviews across thousands of software products, it's where real users can leave real feedback, for everyone to see. Being recognized here isn't just about being good; it's about being great according to the people who use Orum every single day to generate more pipeline and revenue for their business.

And we weren’t just recognized as a leader, we’re excelling across the board:

  • Orum has been recognized as a Leader in B2B SaaS dialers for the fourth consecutive quarter based on high user satisfaction scores and market growth
  • Orum continues to be a Leader in Small Business and Mid-Market and a notable High Performer for Enterprises in the Americas
  • Prioritizing user needs, Orum has also been awarded for its Best Results, Best Estimated ROI, and Fastest Implementation for Mid-Market

Users on G2 have been vocal about the efficiency that Orum has brought to their pipeline and team.

Orum has allowed me to make 10-25x dials a week, and that is NOT an exaggeration! I attributed 41% of my qualified pipe to Orum dials, and I’m confident those dials are irreplaceable without Orum
Matt A
Business Development Representative
Orum is a great way to get your dials up without needing a bigger team/making your existing team way more productive
Zachary Scott J

To find out what users say about us, check us out on G2 and even leave your own review.