Top tips for sales development

Adam Sockel

Apr 13 2023


Here at Orum, we talk a lot about sales development. Whether you’re getting into sales for the first time and want to know how to succeed in connecting with prospects, you need best practices for hiring a team, or you're an executive who needs to establish a calling culture, we have the content that will answer your questions.

Consider this your one-stop hub designed to provide you with tips for sales development whether you’re focused on inbound, outbound, or a hybrid of the two. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently as we’ll be updating this list of articles as we continue to add to our content library.

How sales orgs can do more with less

Sales teams are being asked to hit stretch pipeline goals with less resources. Organizations everywhere continue to increase their revenue quotas despite the fact that there is very little budget for adding to your tech stack. This article shows you how to make the most of the time you have to hit those numbers.

Build a strong sales team with Orum’s Headcount Calculator

Our sales leadership has hired over 450 sales development reps across their combined experience — we know how to build a strong sales team. We pulled together our best advice, industry benchmarks, and personal experience to build a highly accurate headcount calculator that you can use to estimate your SDR needs for the years to come.

How to interview and recruit great SDRs

Jason Dorfman, Orum CEO and Founder, shares his process for finding sales reps that will not only hit quota, but they’ll also help establish the winning culture every sales organization needs to be sustainable as a whole.

The top 5 principles for sales development interviews

Terry Husayn, VP of Sales Development at Orum, collaborated with Brooke Bachesta, Revenue Enablement Manager at, to reveal how candidates can ace the sales development interview (and how managers can identify their one-in-thirty star candidate.) Whether you're starting a sales career or you’re an SDR leader looking to step up your interview game, this article is for you.

Sales Development representative top tips

Orum's own sales reps offer tips and advice for establishing early success in your sales career. This piece includes both overall best practices and daily tactical advice to come out of the gates fast and sustain that level of success.

How sales leaders can fight SDR burnout

Across all industries, the average rate of turnover for a company is 18%. For an SDR, that number more than doubles at 39%. Why do SDRs have such a significantly high attrition rate?

While being an SDR is a right of passage to open more doors in a sales career, many also argue that it’s the toughest job in sales. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to reduce that turnover rate through sustainable team building.

How to be a great sales manager

Great sales managers work to make themselves as available as possible for their reps. Open door policies are pivotal to establishing a healthy dialogue with your team, but you also need to take time to focus on your own work. This article provides best practices for succeeding as a sales manager for both your team and yourself.

How to get promoted from SDR to AE

As we’ve noted, sales development is the “foot in the door” for many reps starting their career. But moving up the ladder doesn’t happen automatically. You need to be driven, willing to learn, and motivated. This article walks through how our own Skye Grace built a blueprint for achieving her goal of becoming an Account Executive in under a year.

How to build an effective calling culture

At Orum, we believe that a phone-first sales approach is the best way to connect with more prospects. But this isn’t something you can make happen just by saying, “we’re hitting the phones.” It takes a sustained effort by every level of your sales organization. If you put in the work, however, you’ll see incredible success and drive more pipeline than ever before.