Orum announces $22 million in Series B funding

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Connect Orum to Hubspot
in minutes

Orum’s official Hubspot integration adds the power of an AI-powered, live conversation platform to boost your sales team’s call productivity and efficiency.

Boost call productivity to increase your pipeline

Orum saves you hundreds of hours you would have otherwise spent dialing, giving you more time to prepare for the conversations you do have.

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Stay in sync with your data across platforms

Orum's integration automatically pulls-in contact lists, logs call activity, saves call recordings, and much more. Never lose a beat with your data synced across every platform.

Access detailed reporting to make data-driven decisions

Go further than just Hubspot’s call analytics and use Orum’s sophisticated reporting to reveal how your entire sales team is performing while identifying areas for improvement and coaching opportunities.

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Use the Salesfloor to collaborate and learn

The Salesfloor helps your sales team build relationships with each other. It’s where your team can go to celebrate achievements and learn directly from their peers.