What's New: Features to connect and celebrate with your sales team

This last quarter may have been our biggest yet. With brand new features and tons of enhancements, we are focused on making Orum an even better place for you and your team to work together. We unveiled our vision for the Salesfloor with the launch of Live listen — to push beyond the boundaries of a typical dialer and recreate the best aspects of a high-energy sales floor. 

Looking forward, we have some big plans for Q3 and the rest of the year. We’re committed to dreaming big and shipping often, this means that we plan to expand our current features, utilize even more data intelligence, and focus on usability and onboarding.

Here’s the recap of Q2:

  • Earn individual achievements in Orum to track and share your journey with others. Make sure to add your baseline ‘pre-Orum’ stats next time you log in
  • Stay updated on when meetings are booked and when your team earns new achievements with a new update panel for the Salesfloor  
  • 35+ updates!

New Feature · Live Listen

Listen, learn, and feel connected

Live Listen helps remote sales teams stay connected and improve their productivity. As part of the Salesfloor within Orum, you can listen-in to any call made by any rep which can reveal insights that could unlock an SDR's full potential.

“We've seen an increase in productivity by 15-20% by using Live Listen. SDRs can get live feedback right after the call, they're getting feedback not only from their managers but also their peers.”
Andrew Morrison, SDR/BRD Sales Manager at Applied Software

Learn more about Live Listen and the Salesfloor.

New Feature · Achievements

Earn achievements and celebrate your progress

Just this week, we’ve added individual achievements as a new way to track, celebrate, and share just how far you’ve come in your journey to have better conversations.

Have you 2x'd, even 4x'd your call volume or meetings booked? Celebrate your achievements with friends and colleagues on LinkedIn with one click. Tag @Orum and we'll celebrate with you!

What do you need to do?

Make sure when you log in to input your ‘pre-Orum’ stats; how many calls you were making, connects, and meetings prior to using Orum so you can get those boost achievements!

Learn more about Achievements.

New Feature · Salesfloor Updates

Salesfloor Updates keep your sales team in the loop

We've also shipped a new update panel for the Salesfloor that will automatically update your entire team of important milestones like meetings booked and the moment a new achievement is earned by any SDR.

The update panel is expandable and collapsible and will initially appear in the right-hand, bottom portion of the platform. It can be accessed no matter where you are and has the ability to be filtered by teams.


But wait, there’s more!

Beyond all the new features, we’ve also had time to ship quite a few, significant enhancements. Have you noticed it’s easier to find calls with missing dispositions? Did analytics get a bit of a makeover? Did the platform get a bit faster? Those changes were all by design to empower your entire sales team to do their best work.

Here’s a breakdown of those enhancements.

Platform enhancements

  • Improved the load time of the platform to reduce the time to refresh and make it easier for you to complete actions after logging a call
  • Salesloft users can now create follow-up tasks directly from Orum

Dialer enhancements

  • You can now set up and configure Voicemail Sequencing straight from the ‘All sequence due tasks’ list. 
  • Start an in browser dialing session with one click! No need to enter a code anymore.
  • Enter and display deadlines for call tasks: We’ve added a new ‘task due at’ field for lists using the Outreach integration. Add this new field by searching for it in Settings > Integrations > Default Outreach Fields. 
  • Easily avoid calling prospects at odd hours without complicated time zone filtering with the new time filter.

Analytics enhancements

  • Improved the charts and graphs in Analytics with new color variants to easily display items like Dispositions. 
  • Added a collapsible legend for the analytics graphs and the ability to toggle the visibility of a specific disposition by clicking on it under the category list within the legend. 
  • Easily view an individual rep or list's performance details with Rep and List filters now available on all views.

Call History enhancements

  • Added a new ‘Record a Disposition’ filter to easily determine which calls have not been assigned a disposition. Managers rejoice! 
  • Made it easier to clean your call history with the ability to bulk delete call suspensions. 
  • Added the ability to filter by List with a new column field for List name; making it easier when navigating to call history from analytics

Written by

Parker Tinsley