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NEW DATA: Does Leaving Voicemails Influence Prospect Engagement?

Leaving a voicemail probably won't get your number blocked by prospects — in fact, it's more likely to get you a callback, subsequent pickup, or email reply.
Thomas Lopez
Former SDR & Current SDR Advocate

2021: Orum's Year in Review

A look back on Orum's 2021 by CEO Jason Dorfman.

Crunchbase Gained 400% in Call Productivity with Orum

Anthony Nava, Senior Sales Development Manager, helped bring Orum to the Crunchbase SDR team. The team saw 400% Improvements in call productivity, ~7 hours saved per rep per week, and 5X Increase in the number of connects after implementing Orum.

How to Interview and Recruit a Great SDR Team

If you hire the wrong people, nothing, and I mean nothing, will save you. Orum CEO Jason Dorfman shares his best advice on building a top-notch SDR team.