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Don’t forget your brand’s most important audience


Who is your brand’s most important audience? A particular customer segment? A market? For many companies, their brand’s most important audience is internal: their employees. A well-defined corporate brand creates clarity and purpose, and communicates a clear vision of to work towards. When everyone in a company pulls in the same direction, they can achieve incredible results...

Corporate brands are different than product brands


It’s pretty easy to conflate a product brand and a corporate brand. But they are different and require different strategies. Corporate branding is (drum roll) all about the company or organization. Product branding is, not surprisingly, all about an individual product. For many purchases, the purchaser’s relationship with the selling company is tenuous at best. If you buy a Coke, you...

More than ping pong and pizza


At too many companies, “culture” is an HR issue. How do we make our employees happy? This misses the point. Culture is a strategic advantage (or disadvantage). Think about it: every one of the company’s products and services are created by its employees, and they are operating in the milieu that is the company’s culture. Executives that dismiss culture as an HR issue...

Focus focus focus


I’m a big fan of things that kick ass therefore I’m a big fan of focus. In almost anything you do, more focus is better. Try to get as focused as you can on doing something really really well. This is pretty hard when you’re talking about yourself, but easier when you’re talking about a company, and much easier when you’re talking about designing an application. By...

Building a brand is like getting fit


Everyone wants to be fit, but few are willing to put in the work. Over the past decade, I’ve spent a lot of time working out and talking with renowned trainer Nate Miyake. We talk about a variety of stuff, but often end up in the same spot: doing anything well takes time, effort, and discipline. If you want to get fit, you don’t just wake up one day and decide that today you’ll...


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