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Great Service is Expensive


If you want really great all-around service, you’re going to have to pay a lot. That’s all there is to it. You might be able to find some companies that offer great service in a narrowly-defined box, but many companies and individuals want pervasive great service. And that’s going to cost, because great service is time-consuming and expensive.

Colors aren’t arbitrary


Beyond everyone’s favorite game of “what’s your favorite color?” there’s an actual science behind color selection. For some, color selection really is arbitrary (what’s your favorite color), while for designers it’s a thoughtful process. Whichever way colors are chosen, they will mean different things, and elicit different reactions in people.

Paying for Design


Given Apple’s recent success, driven in large part by their awesome industrial design, I can’t stop wondering why Dell – or some other large manufacturer – doesn’t invest even a small amount in design.

Creating Enticing Content


It's one thing to write interesting content, and another to create content that looks interesting. This may not sound important, but on corporate websites, it is critical to create good-looking content that entices visitors to read it.


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