Humor in corporate content


I try to use humor occasionally in our material, not only to liven it up, but to make us more personal and to give insight into how working with us will be (competent but fun). Moreover, I think that when it’s in limited amounts and surrounded by more serious content, it actually lends credence to the rest of the content – it shows that we aren’t just bs artists, but that we...

Creating Enticing Content


It's one thing to write interesting content, and another to create content that looks interesting. This may not sound important, but on corporate websites, it is critical to create good-looking content that entices visitors to read it.

Writing Compelling Blog Posts


With blogs becoming increasingly prevalent in business websites, it's only a matter of time before we need to address it, and help our clients create compelling blogs that contribute to their company's success (remember that writing is included in my all-encompassing definition of design).


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