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The “training” category includes my thoughts on keeping fit, eating right, climbing, skiing and snowboarding, mountaineering and generally staying in shape.

Five key points: health and fitness


I had a great workout this morning with Nate Miyake. The actual workout was fine, but what launched it into great was the conversation we had about “five key points.” If you could simplify and summarize whatever it is you’re doing into five (or less) key things you’d want to get across to the world, what would they be? When it comes to health and fitness – by which I...

Why “healthy” snacks may be bad for you.


I’ll make this quick because I have other stuff to do today and want to get this published. A friend of mine has recently started working with a company that promotes and sells “healthy” snacks – things like chia seed chips and healthy juice and soy mixes. I think these snacks are great – they’re made with better ingredients in a more sustainable way...

A few recent articles on steriods


My position on steroids in sports is pretty well established, but I know how much you all love hearing more about it. So here are a few recent articles. Lance Armstrong: Victim? This sounds like a review of the USADA’s prosecution of Lance Armstrong, but really an examination of their power and their role as a quasi-governmental agency that operates without the oversight and Constitutional...

How to work out efficiently.


I’ve written before about the two things you can do to [get and stay in shape](). For those of you just joining the class, you need to be active and eat well.
In this post, I’m going to write about the **four steps to being active** and how to get the most out of it.


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