Lightbulbs and patent trolls


I’m always searching for good analogies that highlight what’s wrong with software patents. I don’t remember where I saw this, but I like it. We all know the story of how Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. He knew the basics of what he needed to invent: something that would glow consistently when a current was applied to it, but wouldn’t burn up too quickly. The idea for...

The Changing Face of Front-end Programming


Front-end programming is one of those unfortunately over-looked and underrated disciplines that really deserves more in life. I’m not saying this just because it’s something we focus on, but because it’s really hard to find qualified candidates and I think a different attitude towards it would change things.

WordPress Review


I’ve finished installing and configuring this blog to run using WordPress. *I was disappointed in the process – it was much more difficult to configure than I had expected.* On the positive side, it reinforces my thoughts about creating simplicity for the developer as well as the end-user.


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