The “politics” category includes comments on my general political philosophy and how it’s applied in the world today.

A few recent articles on steriods


My position on steroids in sports is pretty well established, but I know how much you all love hearing more about it. So here are a few recent articles. Lance Armstrong: Victim? This sounds like a review of the USADA’s prosecution of Lance Armstrong, but really an examination of their power and their role as a quasi-governmental agency that operates without the oversight and Constitutional...

Lightbulbs and patent trolls


I’m always searching for good analogies that highlight what’s wrong with software patents. I don’t remember where I saw this, but I like it. We all know the story of how Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. He knew the basics of what he needed to invent: something that would glow consistently when a current was applied to it, but wouldn’t burn up too quickly. The idea for...

Why religious arguments against legalizing gay marriage are idiotic.


I’m for gay marriage. I’m not gay, so I’m not personally affected (hey, might as well be honest that we’re mostly motivated by things that personally affect us), but I support it on philosophical grounds and on evidence that it strengthens communities. That said, I can understand some of the arguments against it. Except for the religious ones, which are just stupid.


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