Should designers educate their customers?

The idea of customer education is frequently thrown about as something to aspire to. Is this the case? In some instances it is – when we are educating a customer on a fundamental design or usability principal, for example. In other instances, however, it’s necessary to educate the customer so that they can understand the design document, but this shouldn’t be something to aspire to. Continue reading “Should designers educate their customers?”

Why hire a firm rather than a freelancer?

Note: this article is still under development.

Although I rarely compare Loud Dog to freelancers, I occasionally compare Loud Dog to myself as a freelancer. Although I may be rare, as a freelancer my overall rates were lower than Loud Dog’s overall rates, and I think the quality was almost the same. Why would a company hire a firm over a freelancer? And why are firms more expensive? Continue reading “Why hire a firm rather than a freelancer?”