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interesting take on hiring consultants (designers)


[Seth Godin]() writes: > So many of the products and services we use are now about our identity. Many small businesses, for example, won’t hire a coach or a consultant because, “that’s not the kind of organization we are.” Wineries understand that the pricing of a bottle of wine is more important than its label or the wine inside. The price is the first thing that most people consider...

A motivation for growth.


I need to remember to go to Costco this weekend to get paper towels and toilet paper for the office. And on Monday, I need to call our insurance people to get that finalized. And I need to do some other administrative stuff. If this isn’t all a motivation for growth, I don’t know what is.

Why hire a firm rather than a freelancer?


Note: this article is still under development.
Although I rarely compare Loud Dog to freelancers, I occasionally compare Loud Dog to myself as a freelancer. Although I may be rare, as a freelancer my overall rates were lower than Loud Dog’s overall rates, and I think the quality was almost the same. Why would a company hire a firm over a freelancer? And why are firms more expensive?


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