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3 Steps to Change Your Behavior and 1 Thing to Avoid


One of Spotlight’s portfolio companies, cFive, is introducing a new platform for behavior change called Catalyst (“Be a Catalyst for change”). Although it’s focused on a fairly narrow segment, it got me thinking about behavior change and new habits. Most people have some behavioral patterns they’d like to change. I’d personally like to be better about going to...

Don’t Confuse Product Knowledge with Market Knowledge


I frequently hear an in-house expert on a company’s product or technology described as a “market expert,” or as having great “market knowledge.” As an investor, this is a dangerous thing to hear or say! It conflates internal technical knowledge – the knowledge of how a proprietary product or technology works – with market knowledge – the knowledge...

Culture eats strategy for breakfast


This really deserves to be a longer post, but I'd like to get it out there.One of the services Loud Dog offered was a value and culture practice (this was part of our branding practice – a well-defined corporate culture is a cornerstone of a sustainable corporate brand). Although I no longer do this, our portfolio companies still have to address this, and I figured I'd document...

The 3 Types of Webinars


I group webinars into three categories: lead generating webinars, product demo (sales) webinars, and customer success / expansion webinars. Lead generating webinars Lead generating webinars appeal to a broad audience and are intended to attract people earlier in the sales cycle, convert anonymous people into leads, and help establish the company as a leader in the industry. These play a similar...

A corporate mission should do more than inspire the brand


During the branding process, I usually begin with foundations: an organization's Mission, Vision, and Values. Unfortunately, for many companies, these are used during the branding process, documented in a brand guide book, and then referenced occasionally in an annual report, or board meeting. But they should be used for far more! If they really underpin a brand, they should be "made...


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