Why “healthy” snacks may be bad for you.


I’ll make this quick because I have other stuff to do today and want to get this published.

A friend of mine has recently started working with a company that promotes and sells “healthy” snacks – things like chia seed chips and healthy juice and soy mixes. I think these snacks are great – they’re made with better ingredients in a more sustainable way (presumably) than a Snickers or bag of Doritos.

But I disagree with describing them as “healthy snacks.” They aren’t really all that healthy. When you look at the ingredients, they still have a lot of fat, salt, and carbs. Sure, they may have more¬†pronounceable¬†ingredients and less artificial stuff, but that makes it marginally healthier and certainly won’t help you lose weight.

But here’s my real problem with these healthy snacks: they don’t taste as good as normal (unhealthy) snacks, and are only slightly healthier for you, and not in any short-term way. A genuinely healthy snack is something like carrots. Or celery. But people don’t eat those things, they eat this mostly-bad-for-you healthy snack, but because it’s not a Snickers, they don’t get the “reward” satisfaction of eating something genuinely bad for you. So later that day, they decide that because they ate healthy earlier, they can have that bowl of ice cream now. But the truth is they ate unhealthy earlier, fooling themselves, and are eating doubly unhealthy now.

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