Why does LD focus on client-side engineering?


Loud Dog offers client-side engineering (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) because our designs are cutting edge and call for very advanced engineering that very few firms or individuals can provide.

Designs that call for AJAX and standards-compliant HTML are all the rage these days, but people that can actually deliver the solutions are very hard to find. We avoid that problem by having an internal team dedicated to pushing the boundaries.

Additionally, having a cutting-edge development team in the same building as the design team leads to cross-pollination, and enables our designers to be familiar with the latest technologies and trends — something you won’t find in many places.

Why don’t we offer server-side development as well?

First, it’s a more mature field. While there are always advances being made, they aren’t as extreme as those being made in client-side engineering. There are more server-side engineers able to implement our designs than client-side engineers.

Second, it’s often more critical to a company’s core business. We will engage in light server-side engineering, but we believe that core technology should be built and maintained by a company’s internal resources. Not only does this reduce our liability, but also gives them an edge.

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