Defined Service Offerings Lead to Profit


It’s far easier and more profitable to sell a defined service offering than a reactive service offering. This is the difference between a freelancer and a firm.

A reactive service offering is formed in response to each client’s wishes. A firm or individual is approached by a potential client who asks them to complete a specific service. The firm scrambles to prepare a proposal, which is difficult because this project is “new.” And then they deliver the service, leaving measurement of their success to the client.

A proactive service offering is centered around the result of the offering. “We are looking for a website that drives leads,” versus, “We are looking for a redesigned website.” While a redesigned website could mean almost anything depending on the client’s true goals and intentions, a website that drives leads means one thing, and we can do that thing very well. There’s no scrambling; we know how to do it.

Moreover, it’s easier to **sell** a defined service. We can approach potential clients and say, this is what we offer, this is the process and this is how long it’ll take/how much it’ll cost. A firm with a reactive service offering approaches clients and says, what would you like us to do? That leaves definition of the project up the client (less value-add on behalf of the consultant) and the firm scrambling to figure out how to do it.

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